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Postmedia Network Canada Corp.

Postmedia Network Inc.
(36 English) (with Torstar)

Your Life Moments

Osprey Auction
Paul Godfrey, president/CEO Postmedia Network Canada Corp.


Star Media Group

(1 English)

(Torstar also owns 19.35 per cent of Black Press Ltd. Star Media Group owns 90 per cent of Metro Toronto, Metro Calgary, Metro Edmonton, and Metro Vancouver. Torstar, Transcontinental and Metro co-own Metro Halifax. Star Media Group also owns an approximate 55-per-cent interest in Sing Tao Newspapers (Canada 1988) Ltd.)

Torstar Syndication Services:
- ESyndicate

Workopolis (50%)
John Boynton, president and CEO

John A. Honderich is chairman
Torstar Corp. (TSX:TS.B)

Metroland Media Group

(6 English)

(Metroland Media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Torstar.) (50%)

Sing Tao Newspaper Group

(3 Chinese)

(Star Media Group owns an approximate 55-per-cent interest in Sing Tao Newspapers (Canada 1988) Ltd.; Sing Tao's parent company in Hong Kong is Sing Tao News Corp. Ltd.)
Carol Peddie, CEO, Toronto

In Hong Kong, Siu Sai Wo is CEO and Charles Ho Tsu-Kwok is chairman
Sing Tao News Corp. Ltd. is a publicly listed company in Hong Kong
SaltWire Network

SaltWire Network
(8 English) Mark Lever is president and CEO Privately owned by the Dennis and Lever family
Metro International
Stockholm, Sweden


(5 English, 1 French)

(Star Media Group owns 90 per cent and Metro International owns 10 per cent of Free Daily News Group (Metro Toronto, Metro Calgary and Metro Edmonton) and of Greenfield Newspapers (Metro Vancouver). Publications Métropolitaines Inc. (Montreal Métro) is owned by Transcontinental Media (60 per cent), Metro International (25 per cent) and Gesca (15 per cent). Transcontinental, Torstar and Metro are co-owners of Metro Halifax.)
ReadMetro Leif Eliasson, CEO Metro International SA was delisted from the Nasdaq OMX - Stockholm in May 2012 after the public offer by Investment AB Kinnevik (Kinnevik). Currently more than 98 per cent of the shares in Metro International are held by Kinnevik.
Groupe Capitales Médias

Groupe Capitales Médias
(6 French)
  Claude Gagnon is CEO Privately-owned by Martin Cauchon
Glacier Media Inc.

Glacier Newspaper Group

(2 English)

(Glacier Ventures also bought a 25 per cent interest in Continental Newspapers Ltd. in November 2006 and acquired an increased interest in 2008.)
  Jonathon Kennedy, president and CEO

Sam Grippo is chairman
Glacier Media Inc. (TSX:GVC)

Alta Newspaper Group LP
(3 English)
  Privately owned by Glacier Ventures (59 per cent) and a private group of shareholders including David Radler.

Québecor Groupe Média

(3 French;
Quebecor Media has also bought a 50 per cent stake in Today Daily News)

Jobboom employment



Qubecor Media Sales

Pierre Karl Péladeau
, president and CEO

Pierre Dion is chairperson of the Quebecor Media board; Julie Tremblay is president and CEO of Quebecor Media Group
Quebecor Inc.


J. D. Irving
Saint John, N.B.

Brunswick News

(3 English)
James K. Irving, chairman and CEO Privately owned by the Irving family.
Black Press

Black Press

(3 English)

B.C. Local News
David Black, president/CEO Black Press Ltd. is a company privately owned and operated by the David Black family, in which Torstar Corp. has a 19.35-per-cent interest.
Marion, Ill.

Continental Newspapers Ltd. (formerly Horizon Operations (Canada) Ltd.)
(3 English)
  David Radler is CEO Privately owned by David Radler and possibly Mark Kipnis and others. Conrad Black sold his shares in 2006. Glacier Ventures bought a 25 per cent interest in Continental Newspapers Ltd. in November 2006 and acquired an increased interest in 2008.
FP Newspapers

FP Newspapers
(2 English)
  Ron Stern, chairman and CEO FP Newspapers Income Fund (TSX:FP.UN)
Epoch Times Media
New York

Epoch Times
(2 Chinese)
  Cindy Gu is Eastern Canada president The Epoch Times is a privately held news media company.
Media Chinese International Ltd.
Hong Kong

Ming Pao

(2 Chinese)
  Tan Sri Datuk Tiong Hiew King, chairman Media Chinese International Ltd. is a publicly listed company in Hong Kong
Korea Times Co. Ltd.
Seoul, South Korea

HanKook Daily News

(2 Korean)
  Lee Chang-sup, CEO  
JoongAng Ilbo Media Network
Seoul, South Korea

Korea Daily

(2 Korean)
  Song Pil-ho, president and CEO  


(1 French)

(Gesca also owns 15 per cent of Montreal Métro.)

Workopolis (50%)
Paul Desmarais Jr., chairman and co-CEO

André Desmarais is president and co-CEO
Power Corp. of Canada (TSX:POW)

Transcontinental Media

(0 English)

(Transcontinental Media is also 60-per-cent owner of Montreal Métro, which is for sale and co-owner (33 per cent share) of Metro Halifax.) coupons and flyers


Les Éditions Transcontinental

Atlantic NewsNet

François Olivier, president and CEO

Isabelle Marcoux is chair of the board
Transcontinental Inc.